Quotation basis

Standard prices cannot generally be applied to translations and similar language services. Costs depend on various factors such as text length, language pair, field of expertise, complexity and the time required for the assignment.

  • Word count
    I generally base quotes for translations on the word count of the source text.

  • Hourly rate
    An hourly rate is standard for revising and proofreading assignments.

  • Flat charge
    In the case of non-editable texts such as references or certificates, a line price or flat charge may be applied.

Personal quotation

You receive your personal quotation free of charge. Please supply the following information to receive a quotation:

  • specify into which target language the text is to be translated (in the case of English: American or British)
  • what is the desired delivery date for the translation
  • does the translation need to be certified
  • do you wish proofreading based on four-eyes principle
  • do specific aspects need to be observed, for instance corporate terminology, editorial guide, etc.